On March 19 Yaroslavl State Pedagogical UniversityIMAG0855 have held student conference on the subject : “Spiritually-moral aspects in the research of modern scientists”. The opening speech was delivered by young journalist Elizaveta Glazyrina. Her speech was followed by a short video, presenting the AntiGlobalization Movement of Russia (AGM)’s project of relief to wounded children of Donbass.

Planned for next month is a visit by Yaroslavl antiglobalists Moscow hospital were most of these children currently live. As a matter of fact, antiglobalists will be joined by Yaroslavl Governorate Gymnasium students, whom are now preparing various DYI stuff and drawing pictures.

Everybody was deeply touched by the speech of young journalist. Some of the attendees donated for the project. After the conclusion, many people drinking coup of tea, were eager to find out more about our project and AGM in general. While responding to people, Elizaveta and many young antiglobalists have called upon us to keep them informed of this unique project on AGM’s website.


Author: Sokolov.Mihail