August 9th the representatives of Black communities joined their forces in their march and demonstration in order to voice protest against police terror and violence. Black organizations, Community Leaders, Churches and Allies went outside with mottos and posters to commemorate the one year anniversary of a brutal murder of Mike Brown.  The demonstrators demanded the right of the African community to hire, fire, train and discipline any police who operate in their communities. There are too many victims of police terror, and we should do all our best to stop any kind of police outrage.

The march was arranged both in Florida and other American cities – e.g. Ferguson and Chicago. As a whole, it attracted 300 persons only in Florida and more than 1000 Black allies in other cities and states.

Our goal is to support just struggle of oppressed Black people for their rights and equality with other U.S. citizens in all aspects of life. The Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia is on the forefront of this struggle and expresses its solidarity with Black Communities in the USA. UHURU! Let’s make black people free!

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Author: Anastasia Promskaya