A powerful video of AGM for A Day in Solidarity with African People “No More Genocide In Our Name”!

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The Uhuru Solidarity Movement held A Day in Solidarity with African People on October 21st, 2015 at Akwaaba Hall under the theme.The event took place in a sunny city of St. Pete, Florida. The event was noted by outstanding presentations of Omali Yeshitela, the Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party and the UHURU Movement, and the APSC Chairwoman Penny Hess, as well as of other activists and the UHURU solidarity members. The Anti-Globalization Movement prepared a powerful video statement in which Alexander Ionov and Anastasia Promskaya expressed their profound solidarity with the struggle of African people for reparations! We also helped to raise reparations for stolen Black lives showing our solidarity not just in words, but in actions! UHURU!

The article about the Day in Solidarity campaign is expected to appear on the website: http://uhurunews.com/

You can also support the African liberation and show your solidarity with African people by paying reparations on the website: http://www.uhurusolidarity.org/ .

Please, don’t forget to sign the petition to the United Nations on Crime of Genocide against African People in the United States! Here is the link: https://www.change.org/p/united-nations-petition-on-crime-of-genocide-against-african-people-in-the-united-states

Chairman Omali Yeshitela APSC Chairwoman Penny Hess UHURU Solidarity activist Jesse Nevel InPDUM Membership Chair Akilé Anai AGM President Alexander Ionov

Author: Edward Bokhua