A statement in support of the Plurinational state of Bolivia

STATEMENT Representatives of the Russian Anti-Globalization movement in response to the situation in America caused by the policy of interventionism, colonialism and brutal aggression the international and national right-wing forces in Latin America and the Caribbean, wish to Express the following in respect of the Plurinational state of Bolivia: We Express our protest against the…


‘Calexit’: Yes California movement opens ‘embassy’ in Moscow

The representational office of Califonia was opened on the 18th of December, 2016, at the headquarters of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia. It was opened by the President of Yes California Independence Campaign, Louis Marinelli, and the President of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia, Alexander Ionov. A campaign calling for the independence of California from the…


The second international conference “The dialogue of nations: the right of peoples to self-determination and building a multipolar world” was held in Moscow 25th of September, 2016.

On 25th of September, 2016, the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia arranged the second international expert conference to bring together more than two dozen political figures from regions that were striving for independence and self-determination. The conference organized in the format of an expert panel discussion. The event was unique to Moscow because it was the second…