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‘Calexit’: Yes California movement opens ‘embassy’ in Moscow

The representational office of Califonia was opened on the 18th of December, 2016, at the headquarters of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia. It was opened by the President of Yes California Independence Campaign, Louis Marinelli, and the President of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia, Alexander Ionov. A campaign calling for the independence of California from the…


The second international conference “The dialogue of nations: the right of peoples to self-determination and building a multipolar world” was held in Moscow 25th of September, 2016.

On 25th of September, 2016, the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia arranged the second international expert conference to bring together more than two dozen political figures from regions that were striving for independence and self-determination. The conference organized in the format of an expert panel discussion. The event was unique to Moscow because it was the second…


The United States will do everything to ensure that any convicted Russian citizen there is not to be released

The head of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, Alexander Konovalov, believes that Russian citizens Viktor Bout and Konstantin Yaroshenko are illegally in custody in the United States. “We have recently examined the requests about Russian citizens Yaroshenko and Bout who, we believe, were illegally convicted, at least with departures from the international law and the…