Alexander Ionov met the activist of Human Rights Movement for Native Americans

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On July 2nd the leaders of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia in cooperation with the political party Rodina had a meeting the activists of Human Rights Movement for Indians in the US. The Russian capital hosted a leader of the Cherokee tribe Mashu White Feather who struggles for the rights of Indians in the USA and other indigenous people around the world. Being in opposition to the Washington Government, Mashu always blames the authorities for violating rights of Native Americans, stealing their lands and resources for military bases and jailing everyone who opposes to the government.

The Indian tribal leader was accompanied by a New Zealand citizen Doreen Bennet, a co-owner of the radio station “Voices of Indigenous People”.

The Russians were represented by Feodor Biryukov, the chairman of the party Rodina and co-chairman of  Stalingrad club, and Alexander Ionov, the President of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia and the member of General Committee of Antimaidan movement. The guests visited the Red Square and the Kremlin and other sights of the city. During the meeting such significant issues were mentioned as that of human rights protection of Native Americans and cooperation in mutual struggle with aggressive imperial policy of the US. Both sides expressed solidarity with each other and willingness to promote peace and protect the rights of oppressed people.

Author: Anastasia Promskaya

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