We remember the tragic events of the last year when an innocent Black teenager Mike Brown was brutally shot down by the Police of Ferguson city. It was not the first time when police violated the basic rights of Black people and used the most terrifying methods of threat and terror against Black citizens of the country. Remember just Sandra Bland who has been recently arrested and killed (yes, we are sure it was a murder) under questionable circumstances.

We cannot forget it… For many years the actions of the Police in many states of  the USA have broken the very basics of the human rights and the natural law. Moreover, it is obvious that their actions have a shadow of racism and remnants of US slavery past.  We cannot tolerate it anymore and let the Police implement bloody, brutal and unjust dictatorship on the streets. To be heard, we should voice our protest. It shouldn’t be an acceptable situation neither for Black, nor for White.

Today representatives of oppressed Black communities, commemorating the victims of police repressions, again filled the streets to declare the rights for assembly, peaceful direct democracy and to voice out the basic needs and demands addressed to the state and national government. And again, like it was the year before, the police repression machine became an impassable wall between protesters and their right for freedom. Many people were injured, beaten with sticks and poisoned with tear-gas.

To break this vicious circle, all free people from all states should implement all possible pressure on legislative and executive power. It is necessary to start organizing alternative governing structures, groups of action and committees. Now it is vital to unite forces of different organizations. Otherwise, it is impossible to change the situation and stop this government brutality and police abuse. The aim is to make the US government start to respect and implement the basic human, constitutional rights and the very basic freedoms. Unfortunately, now we see how American government bullies different independent countries all over the world for breaking “human rights” of their “agents”, and at the same time puts into practice smart-ass policy inside different states of the USA. The real aim of this policy is to separate people and to rule without any backward glance to society.

With Solidarity,

The Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia

Author: Anastasia Promskaya