After our sensational international expert conference ‘The dialogue of nations. The right of peoples for self-determination and buiding of the multipolar world’ on the 20th September the flag of the Anti-Globalization Movement became popular among different human rights and political groups and organizations. :-) Here below the pictures with our flag at one of the notable events of our comrades and friends from the UHURU movement and UHURU Solidarity movement. The UHURU movement stands for the complete liberation of African people both inside United States and in the whole world, as well as the elimination of oppressive capitalist world order which still backs the exploitation and abuse of African people and indigenous peoples. The UHURU Solidarity Movement is a worldwide organization of white people who stand in solidarity with an oppressed African nation and promote a fundraising campaign for reparations for stolen Black lives.

The UHURU activist The UHURU activist The UHURU activist The AGM flag and the UHURU activists

Author: Edward Bokhua