AGM Solidarity statement to Uhuru Movement and African People’s Socialist Party

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9 – 10 January, 2016, Uhuru Movement and African People’s Socialist Party hosted an international annual Plenary which attracted their supporters and allies around the world.

The annual Plenary took place between two Party’s Congresses to sum up last year’s work and establish the tasks for the period leading up to the next Plenary or Congress. 2015 was an extremely fruitful year for the Party and the Movement highlighting those like a September trip of the Party to Moscow, where their delegation spoke about African struggle for self-determination and liberation at the international conference, and the campaign for mass white support for reparations to African people. The Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia contributed to a number of Uhuru and Party’s events, including their visit to Russia in May and September 2015, participation in white reparations campaign and creating the petition to the UN on the crime of genocide against African people in the United States (https://www.change.org/p/united-nations-petition-on-crime-of-genocide-against-african-people-in-the-united-states?recruiter=1572979&fb_ref=Default).

AGM was kindly asked to send a solidarity video-statement to all the attendees and supporters of the Movement and the Party. It was a great pleasure for us to express our solidarity and readiness for deeper cooperation during next year in our common struggle for total liberation from parasitic imperialist oppression, as well as for the right to existence of just multipolar world. In the conditions of spreading terrorist threat and extreme instability in the Near East and North Africa, it is important to join our forces and organize counterattack against criminal US government and their political poppets, who oppress people both inside and outside their countries.

In the video statement, AGM President  Alexander Ionov noted the complexity of the political situation in the world, the spread of the ideology of ISIS and its brutal atrocities in the Middle East, Africa and other regions of the world. ISIS and other terrorist groups have emerged as a result of the US invasion in the internal affairs of other states, as well as the establishment there the occupational imperialist order. Actions of the murderous regime of the US government has already resulted in thousands of victims in Donbass and Ukraine.  Those who sacrificed their lives in the fight against terrorism, have also become victims of the US and NATO war machine (referring to the incident with the Russian Su-24). Moreover, US imperialism kills innocent citizens inside the United States. Alexander stressed that it is necessary to make a right choice and give a right vote during upcoming presidential election. People should remember that any vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is a bullet in the black US citizen, a bullet in innocent people of Syria or Yemen. Alexander wished good luck in the fight in 2016, expressing his hope for close cooperation and joint actions in the struggle against world imperialism and the unipolar world order.

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The photos are taken from Facebook page: James Larry Grant

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Author: Edward Bokhua