The Anti-globalization Movement of Russia is socio-political movement whose activities are aimed against certain aspects of the globalization process in its present form, in particular against the global dominance of transnational corporations and supranational trade and financial institutions.

The movement opposes the monopolization of the world system of relations and governance by a few individual countries. It opposes the emerging unipolar world and the dictates of “the one and only correct point of view” on the world’s issues, the ways to address these issues and the development of humankind.

The Anti-globalization Movement of Russia supports the full sovereignty of nation-states including the sovereignty of Russia as an independent player on the political, economic and cultural world stage.

The movement aims to promote all aspects of the national security and traditional moral values. It opposes the attempts to impose a “new world order” and the disastrous unification, which might result in the emergence of a single mega-totalitarian world state.

The Anti-globalization Movement of Russia supports countries and peoples who are opposing the dictates of a unipolar world and seeking an alternative agenda. The movement advocates for the development of international cooperation and solidarity – as opposed to the principle of the “all against all” competition – with respect for other peoples and their sovereignty, value systems and lifestyles.

Over the millennia of coexistence, many peoples and cultures have developed the principles of mutual tolerance, cooperation and mutual enrichment of cultures. They will preserve the civilizational diversity of humanity, the key to its survival. Today, every effort should be made to stop the most devastating manifestations of the “new world order”: the barbaric exploitation of the majority of the world population, the suppression of national sovereignty, the destruction
of the spiritual foundations of society, the suppression of the sovereignty of individuals by means of total electronic control.

We must use this opportunity and this is why we invite all who care about the fate of the world to support the Movement and to take an active part in its events.

United we are invincible!