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Fight Back News

Ft. Worth, TX – On the Texas Christian University campus in Fort Worth, December 4, a presentation by Anti-Defamation League (ADL) national director and CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt was disrupted by 20 activists who called out the ADL’s history of political repression, stalking activists and complicity in police violence. One organizer was dragged to the ground by an officer. The crowd attending the presentation skewed older and white. Before to the disruption, as a protest organizer took her seat, she said she had a bizarre encounter with an older white woman. “The lady said, ‘I guess they just let anyone… […]

Minnesota protests Dean Phillip’s campaign for president over Palestine

Minnetonka, MN – On December 6, over 80 people turned out in Minnetonka next to Interstate 394 to protest during rush hour. The Free Palestine Coalition organized the protest outside Representative Dean Phillips’ office, Minnesota Congressional representative for the 3rd District, to draw attention to his positions on Palestine. Phillips has a consistent record of voting for U.S. military aid to Israel. The Palestinian American community and the Palestine solidarity movement picked his office to protest because, as a candidate running for the Democratic nominee for U.S. president, Phillips has not criticized Israel’s bombing campaign or invasion of Gaza. On… […]

Tallahassee gathers for vigil for Palestine

Tallahassee, FL – On December 1, about 200 students and community members attended a vigil for the 20,000-plus Palestinian lives lost since October 7. The event was hosted by the FSU Students for a Democratic Society. Activists and community members gathered to commemorate those lost and continue to demand an end to the U.S. aid to Israel and that FSU administration divest from Israel. Ahmad Daraldik, a representative for Florida Palestine Network, discussed how the conflict in Palestine extends past the Palestinian people, stating, “It’s been 51 days of escalated conflict, but it feels like 51 seconds and 51 years… […]

Dallas vigil for Gaza healthcare workers

Dallas, TX – Approximately 150 people, mostly healthcare workers, gathered outside the Parkland Hospital in Dallas the evening of December 1 for a candlelight vigil in honor of healthcare workers who have been killed in the U.S.-backed Israeli genocide in Gaza. The vigil, organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement and the Dallas Palestine Coalition, included speeches by healthcare workers and community organizers while onlookers held signs reading “Glory to our martyrs” followed by a reading of the names and professions of some of the hundreds of healthcare workers who died in the current genocide, including “Tariq Abu Obaid, nurse,” “Dr.… […]

Salt Lake protests anti-LGBTQ event

Salt Lake City, UT – Despite freezing temperatures and attempts at stifling the student movement, dozens of students and supporters gathered outside of the University of Utah’s Language and Communications building on November 30 to take a stand against a presentation by anti-transgender advocate Chloe Cole. 19-year-old Cole claims that she underwent female-to-male gender affirmation surgery at age 15, detransitioned at age 16 and says that this caused her “lifelong, irreversible harm.” The protest was put on by Students for a Democratic Society in response to the presentation organized by Young Americans for Freedom, a right-wing student organization with ties… […]

Chicago: People’s Thanksgiving a big success

Chicago, IL – 125 activists gathered in Chicago, December 2. for the 2023 People’s Thanksgiving, honoring the major achievements of our movement over the past year. The annual event, organized by Freedom Road Socialist Organization, serves as a people's alternative to the colonial holiday of Thanksgiving. This year’s celebration was held at Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church, the congregational home of journalist and anti-lynching crusader Ida B. Wells, located in the heart of Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood. After sharing a meal and lively discussions inside the social hall, attendees moved into the church for the main event. Kicking off the evening’s awards… […] News

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